Ideal list of tools you need for SharePoint Development

After working with several clients, I have compiled a list of tools, addons, plugins and technologies which are needed for development, customization or administration at any point in the journey to learn to use Sharepoint. This list is not a “Mandatory Tools List” but in fact, it is a compilation of tools and technologies which can be used at any point in time depending on your role. I will keep extending this list.

Please feel free to suggest more:


  1. VMWare Workstation
  2. Windows 2008 R2
  3. SQL Server 2008
  4. Team Foundation Server 2010


  1. Visual Studio 2010 Professional / Ultimate / Premium
  2. SharePoint Designer 2010
  3. Visio 2010
  4. Infopath 2010
  5. Fiddler
  6. Nintex Workflow
  7. K2 Workflow
  8. AgilePoint Workflow
  9. Bamboo WebParts
  10. Microsoft Expression Studio
  11. Telerik Controls
  12. Infragistics Controls
  13. SharePoint Manager (Codeplex)
  14. ULS Log Viewer (Codeplex)
  15. CKSDev (Codeplex)
  16. .NET Reflector or
  17. JustDecompile (Free from Telerik)
  18. Notepad++
  19. Firebug

End User Tools

  1. Colligo Contributor Pro

Graphics Designing

  1. Photoshop
  2. GIMP


  1. PowerShell
  2. Axceler’s ControlPoint
  3. AvePoint Products


  1. Global knowledge

Learning Resources:

  1. SharePoint Developer Center (MSDN)
  2. SharePoint StackExchange