Solution for “Access denied by Business Data Connectivity” Error

If you are trying to create external data type list and get the error “Access Denied by Business Data Connectivity” then the most common reason for that can be the incorrect permissions for your target External Content Type. To fix the issue, please perform the following steps:

  1. Open your SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Page
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  3. Click Business Data Connectivity Service link
  4. List of all external content types will be displayed, select your target external content type by checking it
  5. Click Set Object Permissions on Ribbon
  6. “Set Object Permissions” dialogue box will be displayed, add yourself or any other users, as you want
  7. Check at least Selectable in client permission in permissions list
  8. Click OK to save your changes

Now try to view your external content types list and Bingo! there will be no more “Access denied by Business Data Connectivity” error message!



2 thoughts on “Solution for “Access denied by Business Data Connectivity” Error”

  1. In my case same error is showing “Access denied by Business Data Connectivity” after setting all permissions. And another thing is that by default all the external content types are not displaying when I click on Business data connectivity link… Please help…..


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