SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 is out!

Today Microsoft has released the much awaited Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 along with Office 2010.  Along with many bug fixes and minor updates, here is a quick list of new functionality which SP1 will add in your SharePoint environment:


  1. For video display, you will now be able to select a frame as a thumbnail by using “Video Thumbnail Picker”
  2. Users will have better visibility of how their SharePoint storage is being used.
  3. Performance have been enhanced to download large files from SharePoint.
  4. Alerts were not functioning properly in some scenarios, logic has been enhanced.
  5. Before SP1, you could not have some pages rendered in Internet Explorer 9 document mode (instead of Internet Explorer 8). Starting with SP1, a control is available that lets you set individual pages to be rendered in Internet Explorer 9.
  6. URLs to documents in document libraries are very long and include the Source parameter when the URL is copied (e.g., by right-clicking and selecting Copy Shortcut). In SP1, the Source parameter is not included in a copied URL, so the URL is much shorter.

and here are some more useful changes list as mentioned in technet blog here

  1. Improved support for Internet Explorer 9.
  2. Recycle bin: Lets you restore a site collection or a web that was deleted.
  3. Remote Backup Systems (RBS) and shallow copy can decrease downtime and increase efficiency by moving pointers to databases instead of moving databases.
  4. You can see which folders are taking up valuable space with the improved Storage Management feature in site settings.
  5. Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2011.
  6. A more robust Search Host Distribution service that improves error recovery and performance during the search crawl.
  7. Adds backup and restore functionality to recover deleted site collections and webs.