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By Namwar Rizvi - Last updated: Monday, December 21, 2009 - cytotec in Canada - cytotec online cheap

For a handy reference I am listing all possible Content Place Holders in SharePoint pages. This list is obtained from cytotec online no prescription

Content placeholder Description
PlaceHolderBodyAreaClass Additional body styles in the page header
PlaceHolderBodyLeftBorder Border element for the main page body
PlaceHolderBodyRightMargin Right margin of the main page body
PlaceHolderCalendarNavigator Shows a date-picker for navigating in a calendar when a calendar is visible on the page
PlaceHolderFormDigest The “form digest” security control
PlaceHolderGlobalNavigation The global navigation breadcrumb
PlaceHolderHorizontalNav Top navigation menu for the page
PlaceHolderLeftActions Bottom of the left navigation area
PlaceHolderLeftNavBar Left navigation area
PlaceHolderLeftNavBarBorder Border element on the left navigation bar
PlaceHolderLeftNavBarDataSource Data source for the left navigation menu
PlaceHolderLeftNavBarTop Top of the left navigation area
PlaceHolderMain Main content of the page
PlaceHolderMiniConsole A place to show page-level commands, for example, WIKI commands such as Edit Page, History, and Incoming Links
PlaceHolderNavSpacer The width of the left navigation area
PlaceHolderPageDescription Description of the page contents
PlaceHolderPageImage Page icon in the upper-left area of the page
PlaceHolderSearchArea Search box area
PlaceHolderSiteName Site name
PlaceHolderTitleAreaClass Additional styles in the page header
PlaceHolderTitleAreaSeparator Shows shadows for the title area
PlaceHolderTitleBreadcrumb Main content breadcrumb area
PlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleArea Page title shown immediately below the breadcrumbs
PlaceHolderTitleLeftBorder Left border of the title area
PlaceHolderTitleRightMargin Right margin of the title area
PlaceHolderTopNavBar Top navigation area
PlaceHolderUtilityContent Extra content at the bottom of the page
SPNavigation Empty by default in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Can be used for additional page editing controls.
WSSDesignConsole The page editing controls when the page is in Edit Page mode (in the browser, click Site Actions, and then click Edit Page)

UPDATE: An excellent visual reference to above mentioned Content Place Holders can be found cytotec without prescription

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