Custom Edit Form for SharePoint Lists

If you want to set a custom edit form to your Sharepoint List then please make sure you follow these Golden Rules as correctly suggested by Hugo in a SharePoint news group.

  1. NEVER delete or rename the default pages…
    when you want to create a new EditForm.aspx it’s best to copy it to
    another file and then edit the original one (without renaming it and
    without reassigning the supporting files)…
  2. DON’T ever delete the webparts that exist.
    It’s better to hide them and create new ones “side-by-side”.

These rules are real time savers and I will highly encourage every reader to follow them.


1 thought on “Custom Edit Form for SharePoint Lists”

  1. 1. With regards to the WebPart, if I click on the link it opens the page in the webpart window, how do I get this to open in a new window?
    2. Do you know if it is possible to ‘Grey’ out certain columns in a task list so that only certain users can update them?
    3. Do you know if when you create a new item in a task list if SP can automatically create a document workspace for this task with all the information (document library, structure, etc) from the other workspace?

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