Display filtered files list without creating new views

You may have noticed already thatwhen you try to save file in any document library from Microsoft office applications, you get a nice view of files list inside file dialog box like below:


This view is just an html generated by the owssvr.dll file located in _vti_bin folder of your virtual server. You can use this to display list of files on your web page by using Page Viewer Web Part. Say, for example, you want to display all the .doc files of Shared Documents documents library then URL will be


You will get the following display in your Page Viewer Web Part


Following are the details of query parameters:

  1. location=document library name
  2. dialogview=FileSave (there may be other options but for the list, we will use this options)
  3. FileDialogFilterValue =specifies what type of files will be displayed in the list, feel free to specify any file filter as you normally specify in windows file dialgogue boxes. For example, for all xls files starting with a can be listed by specifying the filter value as a*.xls.


1 thought on “Display filtered files list without creating new views”

  1. How can you activate the navigation or download of a file from this view? This is really weird: if you look at the source of the page, you’ll see a javascript function called selectrow() defined and used (I debugged into it, it hilights the selected row). But the also includes

    and a the row for a given file, for example, looks like this:

    or a given folder:

    Seems that all logic is there to navigate through folders or to download, but it just does not work! Any idea?


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