Sharepoint best practices: how many sites, how many libraries

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While browsing Sharepoint newsgroups, I found a very useful reply from Eddy Blanco which provides excellent information to estimate your SharePoint site and structure. Following is the information, all credit goes to Eddy Blanco:

SharePoint Area of Interest Optimum Size
Site collection 50,000 per Web application
Web site 250,000 per site collection
Subsite 2,000 per Web site
Document 5 million per library
Item 2,000 per view
Document file size 50MB (2GB max*)
List 2,000 per Web site
Field type 256 per list
Column 2,000 per document library 4,096 per list
Web Part 50 per page
Users in groups 2 million per Web site
User profile 5 million per farm
Security principal 2,000 per Web site
Search indexes One per SSP, Maximum of 20 per farm
Indexed documents 50,000,000 per content index
Content sources 500 per SSP
Start Addresses 500 per content source
Alerts 1,000,000 per SSP
Scopes 200 per site
Display groups 25 per site
Crawl rules 10,000 per SSP
Keywords 15,000 per site
Crawled properties 500,000 per SSP
Managed properties 100,000 per SSP
Authoritative pages 200 per relevance level
Results removal 100
Crawl logs 50,000,000
Shared Services Provider (SSP) 3 per farm (20 per farm maximum)
Zone 5 per farm
Web application 99 per SSP
Internet Information Services (IIS) application pool 8 per Web server
Site collection 50,000 per Web application
Content database 100 per Web application
Site collection 50,000 per database
Index servers 1 per SSP*
Application servers running Excel Calculation Services No limit
Query servers No limit
Web server/database server ratio 8 Web servers per database server
Web server/domain controller ratio 3 Web servers per domain
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