How to get rid of Login prompt while opening documents in Microsoft Office

If you are using Sharepoint as your document repository, you may came across with a situation where your users are prompted for login credentials whenever they try to open any document of document library in Microsoft Word. This is very irritating and can ruin the objective of user productivity.

You can resolve this issue very easily. It happens actually if your Sharepoint site is not in the trusted zone of IE. You can verify this by looking at the bottom right of your browser window as follows:

Internet zone icon

If you see the word “local intranet” or “Trusted sites” then only you can open your documents without getting prompt of login credentials. Just add your Sharepoint site into the “Trusted sites” zone and bingo! MS Word will stop prompting you for your credentials. Enjoy!


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  1. This is not always the case. Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents are prompted, non MSFT documents are not – even with trusted sites.

    In my world, users are authenticated against AD connecting to the website via SSL connection. – after the user logs in and trys to get a document in the document library they are prompted again to enter the creds… but only on MSFT documents, .pdfs or .txt no prompt. We can’t add any reg key as the majority of users come in from outside our domain and we can’t change their desktop. Ideas?

    • If Sharepoint Shared Workspace is enabled in MS Word this may prompt users with a Windows login if users do not have permissions to access or create a Shared Workspace. Do the followoing to turn this off:

      1. Open MS Word
      2. Go to Tools/Options
      3. Click General Tab
      4. Click Service Options
      5. Click Shared Workspace
      6. Uncheck box that says “The document is part of a Workspace or SharePoint Site.”
      7. Click OK
      8. Click OK
      9. Try to hit a MS Word document from the SharePoint site.

      If this resolves issue repeat steps with every MS Office program to eliminate the prompt. (Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook)

      • Im sorry but I am struggling with word 2007. I am locked out of my own document and it now says I dont have the credentials to open the document. I login through hotmail and go through all the way until the end where it says i dont have the credentiials. I was ok with office 2003 and understand your instructions there as i knew where all the tabs are but im lost with 2007. Can I get myt document opened?

        Really appreciate your help

  2. NEO I tried to connect to your link but it’s not working? Could you send me the resolution you used?

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